Sweater Nails Tutorials With 10 Gorgeous Sweater Nails For The Holidays

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If you like sweaters, you will adore these gorgeous sweater nail designs. Sweater nails are especially appropriate for the holiday season.

As we approach closer to the holiday season, the weather is becoming cooler by the day. There’s nothing like putting on your favorite sweater to keep warm when it’s freezing outside during the holidays.

To express your love for sweaters around the holiday season, try out sweater nail designs. They’re designed to blend in with the freezing conditions.

sweater nails
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Sweater nails tutorials

What you’ll need

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How to do sweater nails

To begin, paint your nails as usual with 3D nail polish. This type of nail polish is recommended for sweater nails because it is thicker than regular nail polish. So paint your nails and allow enough time for them to dry.

Once it is dried, dip a nail art brush into the 3D nail polish and use it to draw any sweater pattern you want on the nail. Before you start drawing the sweater pattern, make sure the nail is totally dried.

After that, apply some white nail dip powder to the design before curing it. After removing any surplus powder from the design, cure the nails. After the nail has dried, brush off the powder, and your sweater nail design is ready.

sweater nails tutorials
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Consider this winter a great time to try out some new nail designs by incorporating DIY. This manicure will make your nails look like they’re wearing sweaters. Isn’t it inviting and warm?

Sitting by the fire, listening to music, sipping a wonderful cup of coffee, and having your nails done in these gorgeous sweater nail patterns are all things to look forward to this Holiday.

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