3 Worthwhile Children’s Parties To Throw

A children’s birthday party can be a pretty confusing event to plan for. After all, we know the fixtures that are good to have, like a birthday cake, some nice gifts, and a few friends from families you appreciate and are happy to have around your child to celebrate their special day. But unlike a wedding, there’s hardly a traditional way to do it. There are so many options you might choose from that making a decision isn’t always easy.

Of course, asking your child is a good first place to start. They might be more than excited to visit the local aquarium, head to the local bowling alley, or enjoy birthday parties at dedicated playspaces they can have a great time in.

But how can you select among them? Well, in this post we’ll discuss a few helpful party options that are always worth relying on.


The All-Out Milestone Party

For those big milestone birthdays like hitting the teenage years or your child’s first double-digit age, you might intend to go all out. You might feel tempted to rent an entire venue from Celebration Station Birthdays, invite a ton of their friends, and maybe even hire some entertainment. Enlisting your friends as party planners, enjoying catering in the event or personally booked, going all out with decorations – it all counts. It’s a special occasion, so you can spoil them a bit and make it an amazing celebration you can look back to fondly. Just be ready to have a strong budget for it.

The Simple Home & Family Party

Sometimes the fuss isn’t all that necessary though. A simple home birthday bash with just close family can be just as meaningful, especially for younger kids who aren’t interested in a popular “event.” You don’t need anything fancy, just make their favourite meals, bake a homemade cake, and have some inexpensive games or activities planned. Shooting hoops or scoring goals in the driveway, and videogames in the basement, are classic experiences we’ve all had. Sometimes it’s just about who comes, and so inviting your family to that low-key event can be more than enough.

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The Combined Birthday

For children who share birthday periods, combining their birthday party with another friend or two can be a nice middle ground. Instead of hosting a huge event, just have a small group over to celebrate together. The fun stays chill and intimate, but they still get that social experience of hanging with their besties on their special day. You can keep activities simple like watching a movie, crafting, or backyard games. 

Or, if you combine budgets with their parents, you could get together and celebrate something more fun, like heading on a small trip for the weekend or enjoying a large event you might not have afforded yourself. This can be helpful for those who have birthdays at a similar time of course. If it’s combined with another date, like Christmas, you could even theme the party.

With this advice, we hope you can enjoy your child’s upcoming party. You’re sure to do a wonderful job.


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