Tips To Keep Cool And Fashionable During The Summer

Summer is a tale of two halves when it comes to most people’s attitudes toward this season. They either love it or hate it. Sometimes, even those that love it can get fed up with how hot it can get, especially if they’re prone to getting sweaty easily.

There’s nothing quite worse than being dressed in something that is only making you feel worse in the hot weather. Whether you consider yourself a fashionista or not, there are some helpful tips to keep yourself cool and fashionable during the summer without turning into a hot mess.

With that being said, here are some helpful tips to keep cool and fashionable during the summer this year.

Tips To Keep Cool And Fashionable During The Summer
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Light layers for warmer months

While layering might seem somewhat contradictory for the summer months, it’s all about layering with light clothing. For a lot of your clothing, opting for cotton or linen is going to be a great way of helping your body breathe, whether you end up wearing a vest top and t-shirt or just a vest top and light outerwear for the cooler evenings.

Light layers are going to help keep you cool but will also provide you ample warmth for those transitioning times when you may have gone out in the middle of the day and you’re now returning home late at night.

Layering is also useful when you’re not quite sure what the plan is for the day and so having multiple layers to add or remove, is handy. A brand like Snaps Clothing offers some great summer wear that’s light and moisture-wicking, meaning it’ll soak up any sweat without making you feel damp.

Look for breathable footwear

Breathable footwear is an absolute must, especially as suffocating your feet can lead to a whole array of problems. From fungal infections to feeling hot constantly, it’s important that you’re choosing the right footwear for your needs.

With that being said, consider what footwear you’ve worn in the past over the summer that’s either benefited your feet or made it a lot worse. For many, wearing light and breathable footwear such as sandals is often the only type of footwear the feet can tolerate. 

However, it’s different for everyone, so be sure to experiment with the type of footwear available during the summer.

Use hats to protect your head

Your head is the most important part of your body, especially when it comes to keeping it protected from sunburn. It’s one of those areas where we don’t think to protect, especially as we often think there’s no alternative available to sunscreen. 

However, you can get hair spray that has SPF in it and can act as a barrier if sprayed as regularly as you would with applying sunscreen.

While this spray is helpful, it might not be the best when it comes to keeping your hair grease-free. With a hat, it’s a much easier alternative to protecting your head but also maintaining a cooler body temperature. Having no hat on during the warmest of days is going to risk you getting sunstroke, so it’s worth having a hat to hand whenever you may need it.

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Choose light colors over dark

When it comes to dressing for the day, think about what types of colors are going to be the most suitable for summer. Ideally, when it’s hot, you don’t want anything too dark, even if it’s a light material. For example, black or dark grey colors are going to attract heat and will quickly heat up your body if you’re sitting out in the sun or walking under a long period of sunshine. 

With that in mind, try to choose light colors over dark when it comes to summertime. That’s a lot easier anyway due to the fact that a lot of summer clothing has a lighter and bold palette than that of winter or fall wear for example. Still, it’s good to consciously shop for lighter colors.

Invest in a hand-held fan

Finally, when it comes to keeping your body cool, only so much fashion advice is going to help. Sometimes, practical methods are needed in the form of a hand-held fan. One that can easily fit into the pocket of your coat or in a bag is useful for keeping yourself cool most of the time. Don’t underestimate those hand-held fans with a little spray attached to them.

If you’re looking to keep yourself as cool as a cucumber this summer, take these tips for your closet and stay cool with the right outfits. 


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